Arabic Language Learning Book “Al-Arabiya baina Yadaik”



This is first post of this site. Before we share to you this book we will introduce our’s site. This site named Free Kutub which mean Free Books. Kutub is a word from Arabic Language which mean Book in plural. So in this site we will share you all of Islamic e-book or general e-book thats contain good content and has much benefit for you. We will share e-book in English, Arabic, Indonesia, Malaysian, Urdu and any either languange.

Don’t worry about the license of books, because we only upload licensed books or commercial books. Good articles and Stories will posted in this site too. To download the books or to read the article and story, you shall read the instructions below the link.

we hope this site help you in your works. Insha Allah

Arabiyatu Baina Yadaik العربية بين يديك is one of Arabic learning series book thats used in Many universities. This book has 4 series due student level. First series is for beginner who never knows about arabic language before or has a basic knowledge in arabic, in first series you will learn arabic in listening and speaking, and its uses direct method, so will find pictures that explain means of the word you listen before. In half last of this book reading and writing added.

This post share you first series of this book.

to download it, click below

ArabiyaBaina1 Pdf



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