Al Madzahib At Tawhidiyat – Said Ramadhan Bouti

Dr_bouti_1Syiria is the land of Muslim Scholar, in the past and in the modern world. There are so many Muslim Scholar born or Raise here. Umar bin Abdul Aziz, one of Umayyad Caliphate Leader is born and become the king in Damascus. Ibnu Kathir, Tafsir scholar was born in Busra town in Syiria. DR. Wahbah Az-Zuhayli “20th Century As-Suyuthi” is Syirian Scholar too. So no doubt that Syiria is the land of Ulama’.

One of modern scholar from syiria is Dr.Said Ramadhan Bouti. Prolific Writer and known as Shaikh of Levant. Born in Boutan Island in 1929 and he is Kurdish descent, went to Syiria to avoid the Kemalist repression. he studied Qur’an exegesis (tafsir), logic, rhetoric and the fundamental principles of Islamic law (usul al-fiqh) until 1953. And then travel to Cairo and studied in Al Azhar University in Faculty of Sharia. Sheikh Ramadhan Bouti complete his Doctoral Studies in same Univeristy and became lecturer in Damascus University.

Said Ramadhan Bouti known as the Asharite Sheikh who defend the mazhabis Life. He said that abandoning mazhab is the most dangerous bid’ah. He refused Salafi thought and Extremist Movement like IS and Nusra Front. Dr. Said Ramadhan Bouti write the book that explaining all creed that existence in Islam. The book named Al Mazahib At Tawhidiyat. In this book we will recieve all thought of Islamic creed not Fiqh School.

Download this book to know about Islamic creed that exist in modern day and in the past.

MazahibTawBouti Pdf

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